“Further analysis of astrological chart, allows us to recognize, accept and manage our different qualities. It helps us see the Human Being as a whole and indicates us in a consultative way our personal evolution. The multidimensional viewpoint gives us access to 4 basic levels; the physical, the sentimental, the mental and the spiritual one. Having as a guide our personal imprint, we aim at even better understanding and management of our potentials. A valuable tool of self & astrological – awareness that brings us in contact with the source of ourselves. It derives from the world of Mythology, symbols and consequently from the world source of knowledge. By this way, it becomes holistic, precious and timeless.”

INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS – SYNASTRY (Comparison of two or more horoscopes): A valuable analysis for personal and professional reasons. All interpersonal relationships are one of the most complex and interesting issues of human relations. We will further analyze those data that give us the ability to retrieve information regarding the aforesaid matter. Mainly, it will help us realize the kind of relations that we create but also ourselves. 

SYNCHRONICITY – PREDICTION («Heaven helps those who help themselves») Of course it is about the most charming side of astrology. Prediction through study and planets symbolism constitutes the object of a session. Its aim is to help participants in understanding the meaning of synchronicity. However… we should never forget the Greek proverb “Heaven helps those who help themselves” (prediction may inform if and when the “door is open” … and if circumstances are appropriate in order to have a successful result. From there on, our personal work with ourselves is what will allow us to contribute positively to the synchronicity so as to take maximum advantage of our potentials. Having as a guide our astrological chart, we aim at our best management of our abilities.

A “gift” from Universal Consciousness – Cosmic Mind 

Understand the Celestial Laws as
They are expressed through 
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